When is the best time of year to advertise my property for rent?

The time of year that your property is either vacant or due for a lease renewal can have a considerable impact on the demand for your property and, therefore, the return on your investment (ROI)...

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What is best: fixed agreement or periodic agreement?

A fixed term agreement has a definitive start and end date while a periodic tenancy is known typically as a ‘month-to-month’ arrangement and does not have an end date. There are pros and cons for both...

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Finding The Right Tenant: How Can We Attract The Them?

For landlords, finding the right tenant is crucial to the success of your property investment. The right tenant is one who pays their rent on time and takes care of your property as you would. It’s important to...

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How Much Will My Property Rent For?

It’s the questions every investor wants to know. While starting with search of comparable properties on sites like realestate.com.au or domain.com.au is great to see what similar properties....

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How Long Will It Take For My Property To Rent?

The length of time a rental property is on the market will reflect how it is priced to comparable properties, how it is presented to prospective tenants and the demand from the market for properties...

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Which Is Best: Open For Inspections Or Private Viewings?

Open inspections used to be considered a mandatory part of renting any property, but are now not quite as common as they used to be. In an open inspection, a specific time and date is set for prospective...

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