Choosing the Right Property Manager

Choosing an agency to manage your property is much more than going with the cheapest option. Cindy Loadsman, of Noble Realty, Forster, explains that sometimes you get what you pay for.


Hi, I’m Cindy Loadsman.

I’d like to take a minute to help those who are looking for professional Property Management Services or who are frustrated and unhappy with their existing Property Manager. The most common question asked is “how much commission do you charge?”.

My response is “Don’t focus purely on the commission rate, focus on the services provided. Often choosing a cheaper commission rate can become your most expensive decision.

Ask, “Do your staff have strong property management knowledge? Is your screening of tenants thorough? Do you do regular inspections of our property – Do you review our rent potential regularly? Do you jump on my tenant if they don’t pay their rent on time?”

Noble Realty – we are your  Property Management experts … Cheers, ’till next time.


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