Six Ways To Make Your Home Pop For Listings Photographs

Presenting your property well will help ensure you have a larger pool of buyers or tenants to choose from and will attract higher quality interest who value a clean and well-presented home.

The first impression most tenants will have of the property is when they search online for it and browse your advertisement. The photographs you decide to include will leave a lasting effect, so you will want to ensure they pop.

Professional photographers will be able to help you on the day with the best angles and photos to take, but there are several steps you can take beforehand to give yourself the best chances in the market.

1) Deep cleaning

A thorough clean of your property is not only worthwhile to ensure it is up to scratch for the first inspection, but also to ensure the photographs present in the best light.

Bringing in the professionals pre-inspection is certainly a consideration, including:

  • Steam cleaning the carpets
  • Cleaning the windows and screen doors
  • Pressure cleaning the driveway and façade of the home
  • Dusting
  • Thorough kitchen and bathroom cleans (consider shiny surfaces carefully, including mirrors)

If your property is an apartment, ensure common areas are also tidy if you intend to have photos taken of the building’s features. If there are issues with cleanliness of these areas, speak to your body corporate ahead of time.

2) De-cluttering

Even unfurnished rentals may have their fair share of clutter. Whether it’s hooks in the walls, wires, agency brochures or messy window furnishings, it’s better to take them down than have them cluttering up your pictures.

If certain things will not actually be included, for instance a dishwasher or air conditioner, be sure to take these out or explicitly state in the advertisement so there is no confusion.

Make sure the exterior of the home has also been de-cluttered, particularly wheelie bins and any outside trash for removal. These can be hidden away for the photos so the home is viewed in its best light.

3) Updating

Prior to taking the photos and attracting new enquiry, it is time to consider an update of the home. This could include a fresh coat of paint or even new light bulbs and window furnishings, but make sure that the cosmetic fix-ups you decide to do are those that are visually impactful.

Minor improvements should be taken prior to the photographs and advertisements, otherwise you are doing a disservice to your efforts and the money spent updating the home. A renovated home is more competitive on the market than an unrenovated home.

Also consider updating the garden, bringing in landscapers if necessary. Low-maintenance, lush green grass is attractive to many buyers or renters, while small touches of colour with carefully chosen flowers and plants can be worthwhile.

4) Staging

With some full staging services costing up to thousands of dollars, there are ways to stage a home on the cheap to the best effect.

Staging your “hero” room, which will be one of the main images of your advertisement, can have a lot of effect. Considering adding double beds into your bedrooms, particularly if some of them are small enough that a potential buyer or renter may question whether such a bed would fit, can also show how a space is functional.

At the very least, it’s worth exploring small touches that can make photographs light up – such as a few decorative items in the bathroom and kitchen, a front door mat and even external pot plants with flowers. A buyer or renter is looking for a place to emotionally attract them, so make it as warm and inviting as possible.

5) Timing

Choosing the best time to have the photos taken is critical. Too late, or on an overcast day, and it may be dull and gloomy in your photos. Good photographers will retouch minor parts of the photos to ensure they present their best side, but it’s worthwhile getting the photo itself as best as possible before relying on after effects.

Visit your property at a few different times of the morning, afternoon and evening, close to when you want to have the photographs taken and let the photographer know if you have any recommendations. Usually, homes look best in bright light. If your property is an apartment with a balcony that faces a certain way, aim for a time of day when as much light as possible is streaming through the balcony doors.

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